Saturday, February 4, 2012


This SCORE Special Report "pamphlet" (#2) will be available in a few days, at least by Feb. 8th.

It was written by FIDE Master Allan Savage and it contains some highlights, a personal annotated game, some commentary on Larsen's eclectic batch of openings and ends with a survey of books by him or about him.

Savage's main ability has always been in his devotion to research his subject and then put it all together in a cohesive way. This pamphlet runs 15 pages exclusive of cover but there is a BONUS down the road too.

That bonus will be more material. Greg Delaney sent, for example, a game he played Larsen in a simul. I have games I researched but didn't use in Larsen the Hammer (space issues!) I found a little piece (small pamphlet) on Larsen too from a tournament. I thought all my files on these guys were up to date and I thought I knew where they were, but at this moment, it's as if an Alien Spaceship rode off with them. They will show, and I will add to Savage's treatise. Don't know when exactly that will be done, but my guess is, within the next few months.

It's always been a Thinkers' Press inc. policy to give more than the buyer thinks they are getting. In this case I have a few great photographs of Larsen (which I got in 1971) which will be added to an updated edition and for which buyers of THIS Special Report, will get for FREE. Therefore buyers can 3-hole punch the pages and put them into a binder.

And speaking of binders here is what I absolutely recommend: It's made by Avery-Dennison. It's Heavy Duty. It will hold 40% more items than a regular round ring. It says on the cover, ONE TOUCH EZD. I have nearly 20 of them and with their easy release it is clearly the best I have ever used and my shelves sport a lot of binders! I do not know what they cost but I got them at Staples. I got them as a big lot they were clearing because they were the wrong color blue! (What a crock!) In my businessman's opinion they are worth an easy $8.

Since it is a PDF download all I need is your name and email address. But it will cost you ten bucks (actually, $9.95). If you have a Black Gold Card, it's only $5.00. PayPal is OK too. By now many of you know how to use that. Go to your PayPal accounting and enter the correct amount and send it to my email address (below).


Simple answer. Simplicity in his outrageousness! I don't look at that as a drawback but a time saver. Look at Larsen's lines, work with them and your opponent's will mostly freak if they think you know more than they do; which, you probably will.

I have been recommending Larsen's play in the past week to a number of people over 50 who are concerned about "keeping up with their opponents." STUDY Bent Larsen, you can almost bet your opponent knows NOTHING about Larsen's play. If you have a little tactical flair, they will collapse, that much sooner!

The Chess Gangs book will be $12.95 but won't be printed for 3 weeks. Add $3.50 for shipping in the USA. it is called Larsen the Hammer. Artwork is by Rob, my son.

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