Thursday, February 2, 2012


Tomorrow I hope to deliver some "essentials" to the Black Gold Card members who help support this enterprise. This will be a chance to "play around" and test the web site which is being set up.

I expect questions.

Initially we will be set up for PayPal, Google Pay, and Amazon Pay (those last two I don't know much about by my web meister assures me you can use your credit card through them without a problem--we will see).

Anyway, orders will be "dummy orders" because the site is not yet ready to go live.

Also, only some of my inventory will be on there because I wanted to get it ready to test.

Once "things" are worked out, it will be ported from demo mode to LIVE. Then, I am sure, because this is still a one-horse town operation, a few other things will raise their heads. But, things will settle in and down.

So... those who have signed up for the Black Gold Card will hopefully be my testers.

Back to proofing SCORE #12... and what an issue it is!

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