Friday, January 13, 2012


This afternoon was one of those technological days. My internet connection was down. Don't know what causes it. I know others who have this service tell me that Mediacom sucks for them too.

Wanted to send out tomorrow reminders about the JANUARY 14th tournament at my chess hall (not the Monty Hall). Finally got them out about 6:45 p.m.! Is "better late than never" true?

Trying to get people to show up in spite of snow falling the other day. Everyone knows that the main streets and highways have been cleared but somehow it's a nice convenient reason (excuse) for staying home. Here's the problem. I would like to stay home once in a while too but I can't because a couple people (nice people obviously) will show up because for them, that particular day, playing chess is IN their bones.

Steve Lamansky, Earl Zismer, and Ed Reedy plan on playing. Anyone else?

If I just knew, for certain, no one else would show up tomorrow, I would stay home and finish up my inventory! But people don't call to say they aren't coming. In fact, most, according to other TDs I know, don't call to say they are coming either. I wonder if I had the Folies Bergere here if it would bring them in? (Probably not chess players.)

The only time I cancelled since August start of the GCC is one day when one person showed up and the furnace gas was out. Couldn't find anything wrong. Service man told me it was the best and easiest money he ever made. He couldn't find anything either. $90 just like that. To make me "feel" better we shot the bull a little bit. He thinks the gas line had an obstruction. "What?" I asked, incredulously. He said it might have been a spider. Yeah, you and me both want to know how spider webbing gets in there.

Hopefully good for another 10 years. Furnace is working great. I have the room preheated before we open up. Tables and chairs and sets all ready to go. Just waiting for customers. Reminds me of the old saloons where the barkeep and one drinker are the only one's in the place. Couple days later, a hanging, or something, is about to take place, and it is packed.

We need something to hang this Saturday! Volunteers?


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