Sunday, January 29, 2012 EMAIL NOT WORKING

Don't know yet what the problem is or when it will be fixed. Will try going through gmail. Recheck my settings in "Mail," and so on. It seems like everytime this year something like this happens. Bills are not unpaid but sometimes we get some overzealous "newbie" who really doesn't know what they are doing (explanation: they don't get enough complaints so that they feel like they are doing a bad job). Last year I lost a ton of emails.

I live in one of those "zones" where there isn't much competition for my $$$. Even Google has crapped out.

I hear from friends and customers whose "internet has gone down."

If you want to get hold of me until this HS goes away, you can contact me through Facebook.

When you rely on email and the internet to conduct business, stuff like this is a disaster. So I don't see me giving up regular mail anytime soon. The wind blows hard, next thing you know, a line goes down. 60 years ago this stuff should have been buried underground, but it would "be too expensive." What's expensive now? Forget going to the moon, Mars, etc. fix things here first technocrats. Get the NASA engineers to work on these problems first. That other, "Where did we come from" stuff can wait.

Funny, in the scientific search to exclude God from the creation of anything, I laugh whenever I see science-fiction or current "real life fiction" explaining things by creating the "alien civilization" which visited earth stuff. Of course THEY do not answer the question of WHERE these aliens originated and how... but hey, minor details.

In the meantime, if you need to get hold of me or order something, 563-271-6657. Leave a message. I don't take my phone in the shower with me nor sleep with it. I might even go swimming this afternoon. No phone in the pool.

My internet was down this morning, it's back, but, email isn't. So I expect some work to be done. Where and when and how, do not yet know.


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