Thursday, January 5, 2012


I hope to release this today... more from the Hong Kong collection where the owner told me:

"Your descriptions sounded so good that I was almost tempted to order some of the books. I liked reading your descriptions!"

Two lists have already been released (you can order the first two if you missed out). List #3 is a little bit different and features a wide array of excellent titles. Plus, for color, I'm tossing in a few pictures as well as the descriptions.

As time travels on, without delay, some of these will become more and more difficult to locate despite the tendency of some to think eBay is the only answer to anything. I've seen, first hand, an eBay freak who knew the price of many things (every thing??) and yet no matter what the price, he NEVER bought ANYTHING! Constant jabber, picayunish remarks, but he would NEVER pull the trigger. He was 180 degrees the opposite of a spendthrift.

Lots of hardcovers but also some books which maintained a degree of focus on certain topics. I especially like anything on Alekhine, special talents such as Bologan and Tony Miles, and such. There are not many (any?) openings books in this collection--none I can think of offhand.

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Thanks again for buying at G&L CHESS. We can't fix your car or recommend Art Deco furniture (although I would try!) but we know a couple things about chess.

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