Thursday, January 12, 2012


We are a quick self-gratification society. I found this out again yesterday when I went to see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. My friend wanted to see it too so we agreed upon the time to be there, bought our tickets... sat down and... he starts sniffling... badly. Last night and today I have a cold. I just got over one. Now I hope I haven't given this one to anyone because I did my usual workshop on Thursday night at the GCC but I really kept my distance, didn't shake any hands, etc.
Last week I pretty much stayed home.
Do people have to want to do something so much they don't care who else gets "hurt?" I think so, too much anyway.

We had a small "crowd," tonight, two people who braved the roads which had the snow cleaned off of! When I was a kid we loved "snow days" when I was going to elementary or HS, we just didn't have many of them. When it snows in the midwest the first reaction by many is to either:
a) Stay home (and supposedly their driving skills will get better when it snows the next time!);
b) Go out and drive slower than molasses thereby creating huge long lines and someone willing to take a risk and cause an accident;
c) Drive like nothing matters and end up wrapped around a tree (kids); or
d) Drive like you've done this "driving thing" before and it will all be OK.

It's a little different with chessplayers who tend to play the same old stuff game after game (if their opponent lets them). Tonight we discussed a Queen's Gambit (which I do not play, but, I like it!). Pillsbury-Wolf, 1903 Monte Carlo. Showed a real cool example of a crushing K-side attack with pieces rather than pawns and the Pillsbury Formation. You missed a great one, plus a couple "inside secrets."

This Saturday we have a rated tournament at the Gentlemens Chess Club (GCC). Starts at 10 a.m. 4 rounds. For those who aren't going to let a little snow deflect them. One of these days all the stars will align and we will have more than 10 there. Steve Lamansky is coming in from Ankeny. Thank you Steve. Maybe Earl Z in Dubuque? The problem is getting "locals," it's too far!! (Explanation: I want to stay inside.)

This is the perfect tournament to shake the "rust off." Usually no big hitters, chances for players of similar skill to torture each other. Somebody invariably does well. EF is cheap, $30 I think. $25 if a GCC member. $2 less if you let me know by midnight tonight that you are coming.

I chide, I wrassle, I allow no lousy excuses to deflect my life's path. If I play I play. I do not call at the last minute and copout. There are people who can be counted on, I love them the most. The busiest people are the biggest doers. The other "I don't have time" people often are those with more time than I have.

It's almost 9:15, I will get back to finishing up SCORE because I do not have a TV. And I discovered a long time ago, we may have weathermen, but so far none of them have figured out a way of CHANGING THE weather. Last week I got around to getting some new tires on the back end of my vehicle. It ran great in this messy weather. I saw people driving around on "donuts!" (and they were stuck!)

Do something different, play this weekend at 1101 W. 4th St. in Davenport. Stay warm inside, have fun. Remember when you were younger and still had fun, even when there was snow outside? Do it again. The #1 aphrodisiac in chess is "winning." It's not greed, it's great!


PS: Mark Flowers and Justin Gilbraith showed tonight. Thanks guys, I had preheated the building at 4:45 and it was great inside. Shoveled the walks, and put out ice melt on the sidewalks. Do you think I wanted to do that? Just do what ya gotta do, that discipline makes you a better chess player.

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