Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Will be working on the Sicilian Poisoned Pawn and 1.c4 e5 for the next couple of days. When an author sends me an article, I always go over it, usually add a few diagrams where I think it's helpful, and hopefully I have enough time to get back to the author in case I have questions.

In the meantime, been working on accounting and bookkeeping--the biggest money loser, in terms of time, on the planet. The only thing I can think of that is worse would be smoking dope while sitting on one's ass. While I personally haven't done that I have talked to plenty who have... including those with addled brains.

Not that I am encouraging that kind of thing but I wonder if California has had any marijuana chess tournaments and if so, what did the results look like? Did the winners score as zeroes while the losers were one with the universe?

In the meantime, the Used book list I sent out recently needs to be updated and I would like to thank all those who I heard from--you are great.


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