Monday, January 30, 2012


If you sent something from Friday night to this morning that you felt was of some importance and it bounced back to you, please resend:

Turns out my web domain (thinkers' press) was up for renewal. I got the invoice two weeks ago, and they shut it down with only a teeny weeny "fine print" warning. Payments have been made, we are back. My my I wish I could run a business like that.

I will be painting my Gentlemens Chess Club place soon, on a Saturday. Anyone interested in helping out, I will supply the rollers, paint, tarps, etc. and PIZZA (from Happy Joe's). It will look great. Figure with 2-3 helps it will be done in 3-4 hours. Also plan to find out WHY the sink is so slow to release water in the basin though I have tried flushing it out with everything but dynamite.

If anyone is interested in a little manual labor, let me know (I expect a flood of volunteers! Haha)

Maybe I will post something else today, but probably not except to say that the next issue (Larsen the Hammer) of "The Chess Gangs of New York and London" is set to go to the printer. And, as usual, it ANNOUNCES who the next "gang member" is and he is called, "The Interrogator!" Won't give you his first name, but he passed away several decades ago. Great guy. If your purchases for the months of January (this one) and February (next one) total $100 or more, you will get a FREE copy of the one I will be working on this week.

By the way, the Larsen BOOK will have 76 annotated games (!) instead of the usual 40-50. It will also run a few extra pages. Of ALL the books in this series I have put together, this one, opening theory-wise, will do me the most good! A master exchanger, sacrificer of Exchanges, Mr. I Don't Mind Doubled Pawns, this guy was in HIS own class! Absolutely brilliant as he missed VERY few tactics!

Oh Yes... will be sending out some information to about 18 people asking them if they will renew their Gold Card from past years. Love to hear from you. For the past 4 years it has remained only $50.00.

Once again:

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