Saturday, January 21, 2012


Try as I might, as all of us do, sometimes we do not succeed at communication.

I received public and personal emails on yesterday's post about "forks and spoons" and ordering stuff. All that is good... thank you.

Clarity... may need work on that but am not sure what to do... yet.

I mentioned the USED (Previously owned list) catalog #3 I have in PDF form. A number of people told me they couldn't find the "link" or a link. There was no link. Links have to go to someplace, a web site (unless the link it an email address). I do not have a web site (yet). What I have at Thinkers' Press, inc. is a place holder with physical and email addresses and phone number of this business. My web guy and I will be starting trials within a couple weeks, probably first with GOLD CARD holders as I will contact them personally about instructions on what to do.

In the copy was a request. That is, requesting the Used #3 pricelist. I generally try to publish my email address at the end of each post so you can get hold of me. That's HOW people have been contacting me since 2009. Maintaining a website is time consuming and expensive. You will have occasion to note how many websites have not been updated for a LONG time (no pun intended).

I know some prefer to talk on the phone, but I have one of these 900 minute plans and they get chewed up quickly. Email works best because I can answer it when I get a chance (usually within 24 hours). I have no assistant here to HELP me and using the phone gets into conversations which tie up time. Please ask me anything, or request lists, using email and "stuff" will run on greased bearings. If I "link" it to my email account Google "warns me" that spammers may try to collect my email address to add to their sendings of Viagra!

Businesswise and personal wise, I love to hear from customers, and often do; those who are in touch with me regularly know this. Getting up early this morning I have books to gather from the USED #3 list which need to be packaged, invoiced, and dealt with using the post office for overseas shipment. The PO has all kinds of regulations which most people do not know about--weight limits--insurance (maybe, maybe not)--size and the laundry list goes on. Has to be well-packed so it doesn't get beat up. All this takes time and this morning (Saturday) will be no exception. When I am at the PO I wait in line like everyone else but I seldom take my phone in with me to avoid the rudeness so many others exhibit (when their ringer goes off, their LOUD speaking voice resonates, repeated phone calls, etc.) to other customers and the PO employees themselves. The PO used to put a sign in the counter area saying "turn cell phones off" but that didn't work because a lot of people pay no attention to signs (all of them seem to drive cars too, which is kind of scary)

It's a ritual. Dealing with me is a ritual. Come to one of my tournaments and get MORE of my time because I have no place else to be. TODAY I have clicked on the blog's "link" button so you can email me (whatever you want). It's an ugly blue-green item and a "form" will pop up for you to message me. I may turn it off tomorrow just to avoid being hammered with emails from those who are into pharmaceuticals in Canada.

All those who requested the USED list yesterday, after everything was clarified, were sent the list, promptly. Eventually, when the web site is up, you will be able to download these things from it--I have been told.

Today the catalog will be sent out to others who do not normally look at USED books in the hopes that, they will consider doing so... so those 36 who are now on the special USED books list for future emailing better get their list looked over and requests sent in right away, because the casual buyers do not know about you (and sorry to say, do not care about your wants).

The books are "reviewed" and itemized randomly. I do not bother to alphabetize them for a number of reasons:
1) Variety listings make people look at the WHOLE list not just "their" specialty;
2) Most people do not know the EXACT name of the book in the first place so an alphabetical listing wouldn't help much; and
3) Doing a whole section on one topic usually puts even ME to sleep!

For example, when I listed the Mordecai Morgan "Chess Digest" books. A few thought I meant Ken Smith's books (however, Richard R. knew what these were as he owned them too--thanks Rich)--whole different animal. Incidentally, that set just sold and I thank the overseas buyer. Not everyone depends on Amazon or eBay to get what they want.

While it might make great fiction to write a story about predicting buyer's tastes and wants, actually, it is impossible. If I could say that chess books, in reality, were Cabbage Patch dolls I might be more successful, but I suspect that wouldn't last for long. However, only a Suspicion (Terry Stafford, eat your heart out!)

Last night I did borrow some video equipment to captcha me saying something "remarkable" for the Dan Kennedy conference but the deadline is so short it will be a miracle to get it done and off to those who view such things, in time in the format they want. They do these things on purpose, it winnows the heard and probably is winnowing me!

As to the chess set mentioned yesterday... I am hoping later this afternoon to get pictures taken and copy written to further incite the "drool factor." I can't say, boldly and with certainty, that $795 for a chess set is a lot of money. It is to some (me for example) but not everyone. So if someone drops me a line and says "Wow, I sure would like to have that but it's a lot of $$$" I take that to mean, for them it's a lot of money! To someone else, who has the wherewithal, we are just redistributing a portion of wealth. In my case a bunch of the dollars will end up going to the owner who has engaged me to sell it. So let's see what can be done.

In the meantime you can add a comment in the "comment box" below or write to me personally if you would like an answer:

WEB SITE Links are coming!

PS: Because I put something in BOLD type or colored type, that does not mean there is a "link" underneath when you click on it but there most likely will be something like that on the web site--but for now, your "Chess Butler" (thank you Patrik) has plenty to do to keep himself occupied.


  1. As to "Impossible,: I saw "Mission Impossible IV" last night with a buddy. The title of the film should have been "Mission Unbelievable" but still, it was good entertainment and a chance to relax the brain. The scene before Ethan Hunt goes outside the Dubai tower was worth rewatching!