Saturday, January 7, 2012


Of course if you answer "no" she might say, "Well, what does?" Are you going to say, "That box of cookies you ate last night and the week before might've contributed."

Sometimes you have to be careful how you answer a question, like if the fate of the entire free world depends on your answer.

But often a simple "No" should suffice. For example, you need a 4th person to run a rated quad and you ask 3 other people and they all say "Yes" they will come. One of them answers, "It looks good." That may be a problem. The day of the event arrives and you get a phone call. You can tell by their voice they just got up and are looking for a dodge to get out of playing. Could they have said, the day before, "No I won't be playing." Naw, you see if they put it like that it sounds too determinate, and "No" can be such an offensive word. But pulling out, having no conviction in the first place, I think most of us find that intensely more offensive than the word"no."

What in the heck is going on in this country? There is more weaseling than ever. In the past month or so I have had several German chess resellers contact me about distributing my products, and one other who told me last year, he would be putting in an order. I require payment in advance and they know that, but still they hope I will relax the rules for THEM. If I don't get paid (or they take forever), it's a long trip to Germany isn't it?

If I follow up and get more affirmation, "Yes, I want this stuff" it may be followed by, "In Germany there is a law where we have to pay an additional 19% import fee." My answer, "So what? Complain to your politicians." On the other hand, it is these excessive fees which are probably bailing out Europe in the first place.

But it's stall, stall, stall because they can't say "no." Why? Most likely they are afraid someone else will barge in the line in front of them with the guts, the glory, and the $$$. This has been going on for a couple years. I have one more reseller I will be trying. I've had good comments about him from people I know whereas the three jackals I have been dealing with all say the other guy is a jerk and imply "slow pay" or "no pay." But none of the three have said anything negative about the no. 4 guy. In business you just keep trying. If he and I work a deal guess who I am going to recommend my German customers go to?

But it isn't just the business guys. I heard from a guy in Brazil a month or so ago who wanted a bunch of TPi stuff from me. $400-$500. He asked 2 questions. I answered them both although in one I asked if he could explain question #2 because I didn't understand it. He's gone silent (I've sold to him before). Could he write and say "I've changed my mind?" Nope. That's too chivalrous. In general, when dealing with "bargainers" they want you to make some kind of counter offer. Hey, I haven't even seen the glint of their silver! And are these one-sided rules? Am I "playing" by their rules? My rule: "Get the $$$ first, commitment follows."

Lots of folks out there with extra time on their hands to play.

Having been in business for 40 years I can't say I've "seen them all," but am pretty familiar with human psychology, and manners, and civility is getting harder to locate. Too often the younger generation thinks nothing of standing up someone. I thought this only happened in dates. Nope, a disease. Later they might open a business (ha) and wonder what is the matter with their customers????

There's a place in the New Testament where Jesus said, "Let your 'yes' mean yes and your 'no' mean no." Good advice. Makes everything plain and not ambiguous. On the other hand, answering the question about "big butts," that's a different matter.

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