Monday, January 16, 2012


Isn't that what the "Thing" in the Fantastic Four used to say as he was about to whip up on someone?

In Bent Larsen's case it is "Hammerin' Time."

I've had a LOAD of fun lately in putting together Larsen "kills" for the nest issue of The Chess Gangs of New York and London. He was a master basher. His pieces were all over the board in a sort of free fall but he knew, like God in the universe, where everything was and what counted.

He played all kinds of openings though he did have favorites.

I have been whittling down my selections from around 150 and it is REALLY tough. There are lessons all over his games. How to handle lots of WHAT ifs? I told one friend I may have to break Larsen into a Big book and a Chess Gangs book--he was that good from his early days to his prime years.

While he experimented it wasn't THAT much of an experiment. I think he had huge chunks of confidence in himself. After looking over his games he makes Fischer's technique look comparatively dry. He masters his subjects like David Bronstein. This is going to be a fun book. I almost hate to release it--the stuff is THAT good!

Won't be published until February. I know that is late, but I am timing that one and the next to get a much less expensive rate from my printer. It was unfortunate for those who buy from me that there weren't more who purchased over $100 worth of goodies from me in Nov.-Dec, but they were my two worst months last year! Of the 7 I have published so far, and there has been a lot of good ones, this one will be the best! While the price, in general, has been, $12.95, this one will depend on how much content it has, and the fact that Nov.-Dec. were lousy paired months. So as they say, "Size matters!" But those who purchased $100+ during those two months get theirs free no matter what the final price is.

A NOTE: I owe some Abbazia 1912s and some Petrosian Chess Gangs. Those should go out this week.

As always, appreciate your patience. Getting busier, need more hands, will do that when we get profitable.

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