Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Years ago my Philadelphian friend Manfred Roessler cooked up a list of chess collectibles. It was TPi's first book, Chess in Art (1973?). I think we made 200 of them. I imagine it is rather scarce. On that list we had paintings and other chess objects. But, he collected other chess stuff too like, if I recall correctly, cigar bands, while I was selling chess on stamps stuff (I still have huge inventory if anyone is interested in taking that off my hands).

We both knew about the Pepperidge Farms cookies with the chess symbols on them. Chess, literally, not figuratively, has been used in about everything.

A couple weeks ago I picked up a box of cookies for $2.95 with the name cafe BISTRO. Most of us have seen cookie selections before but besides the white and dark chocolate profile of a chess knight these cookies are outstandingly good!

There are shortcake cookies, chocolate chip cookies, neopolitaners (chocolate covered wafers), butter cookies, almonds, and more. I don't know what a "chokie" is but I ate it too. The chocolate is delicately threaded throughout the whole line. Enough to interest and satisfy but not so much you'll gag, and I doubt if you can eat just one unless you are a hardcase.

The copy on the box says "Cafe Bistro cookies are to be eaten slowly, savoring every bite." Take them at their word, you will enjoy them immensely.

$2.98 you say? Where? If you have an Aldi's, they probably have them. Maybe they exist online (you can look that up). I like Godiva as chocolates, but I don't think if they made cookies they would taste any better than this.

They are called Continental Assorted Cookies and they come with dark, milk and white chocolate. Scrumptious, and a great stress reducer on you AND the wallet. This is NOT a paid advertisement, I just "like 'em."

PS: We start the New Year tomorrow night at the Gentlemens Chess Club with a Botvinnik game on the French and next week, a tournament in the evening.

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