Monday, January 9, 2012


A vote doesn't mean the outcome is right, never has, it just represents a consensus of those willing to get out of their La-Z-Boy recliner.

But here's a letter I got the other day from a southern Master, Mike Stewart:
"Hope you reprint GM RAM this year. All the great books I've bought from you over all these years, that's the very best!
"It's old time hard work, weights instead of machines. Rocky vs. Drago!"

Others have told me they want to see Extreme Chess by Purdy reprinted.

Others want to see the Purdy series called The Art of Annotation (4 vols) redone. And I've thought about combining vols. 1-2 and 3-4.

There are those who are interested in Soltis expanding on his Confessions of a Chess Grandmaster.

I keep getting requests for The Genesis of Power Chess by Les Ault and Practical Chess Analysis by Mark Buckley. Both authors have consented to reprinting. Can I sell them to the USCF? That is doubtful. Since the new owners have taken over they've bought ONE title of mine and nothing else! (The Chess Gospel of John*)

My main guess is that the reason people want these books is because they have heard they were good or great (and other books too) and now that they have wanted to get them, the prices that some of the savages want on the net are completely looney.

I've even had one reseller tell me he would take 100 but I don't believe him. If I reprint a book he takes only half or I have to remind him that they are available 30 times (only a slight exaggeration!). Resellers want to fill a short term demand with long range promises. Remember that.

The ONLY buyers who count are YOU. And based on past experience, lots of people just won't stick their neck out. They know a new edition will cost more (duh!) but I can say it will be a lot less than the jerkwaters out there want for their copies.

Cool statistic: I've bought lots of chess book collections over the years and I have noticed, time and again, the only way TPi books are included is when the collector has passed away OR, is getting rid of EVERYTHING (lock, stock, and barrel). Many collectors hold back TWO major items: My 60 memorable Games and TPi books.

The books I will most likely do first are the ones which will get the most BUYING VOTES. For example, someone told me that scanning around the web there are people who still want The Genesis of Power Chess. But the book was set in type and pasted up. I no longer have those mini-computer files of the books so I would have to reset it from scratch and that is a lot of time and work! That was the FIRST color cover I ever designed and it was based on the colors of then Apple Computer's logo. The Apple tree in the Garden came to mind which of course brought to my mind Genesis 1 in the Bible. Rob showed me how to use some software back then and that's how it happened. If you did a book with me, wouldn't YOU want to have a back story? I don't have to make them up, they just come to me, often after some contemplation. In our ADHD society today no one wants to take the time to do value work: "Get it over with" is one of the mantras.

Wait till you see what we have planned for David Rudel's next two books. Jarringly good! Expensive and hugely time consuming. They will no doubt get criticized by GM Kevin Spraggett who must have nothing else to do in Portugal where I am sure Mr. Rudel's income from his books makes Mr. KS look more like a sap than a Vermont maple tree. David puts out thoughtful, good research and no doubt laughs all the way to the bank. Don't pay any attention to those who love putting down the efforts of others. Let's see, what has Spraggett done in the book line? Hmmm. Nada? DVDs? Hmmm... nothign there either.

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