Friday, January 27, 2012


As I've mentioned previously, when I am not one here much it is because I am heavily involved in some projects.
Working on Stohl's terrific article for SCORE next week.
Working on David Rudel's next two books.
Working on headlines and package to get people to come to my tournaments.
Giving lectures at the Gentlemens Chess Club.
Talking to people about this 'n that to get a better view of what's on their mind.
Hence, Blog loses me.

Maybe something tomorrow.

HOWEVER, during all this, still been filling orders. Keep sending those in. I am determined, this year, to get a laptop so I don't feel tied to my home office.

Also working on Larsen the Hammer Chess Gangs AND the surprise #8.

And, I finished the main text of a new book I've written. Hope to find a major publisher for it. Not on chess.

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