Friday, December 9, 2011


Some of the details were posted yesterday, please refer to that.

Joe Willetts is coming but the only one 100% confirmed. Does anyone out there have an IDEA of what to say or do to get people to acknowledge they will come? I don't mean the entry fee in advance is much lower than the one at the door because in my experience (these days) and from what other TDs have told me, it doesn't make much difference. People look at many tournaments as "disposable," "take them or leave them."

Joe joined the Gentlemens Chess Club last night, making paid member #13 and Justin Gilbreath has the type of job where he can't always be sure that on Thursday evening he won't be called into work, so he is looking at a Monthly Membership. Which by the way folks is $12.

So I want to congratulate these Gentlemen and also look forward to the first LADY who joins.

BTW it's $100 now. The deadline was Nov 30 for the $50 fee, it has passed. However "Country Gentlemen" can still join for $50 (must be more than 90 miles away.

That's it for today... will be down at the shop photographing chess sets for a new catalog.

What have you been up to? Getting any chess gifts for Christmas? Pounding the doors down of

Gotta go...


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