Thursday, December 15, 2011


I just opened a virtual "Christmas card" from my main printer. Yeesh, how crass. Was it from the people I deal with, 3-4 of them? Nope. It was a corporate thing of people on sleds, etc. sliding down a snowy hill and of course not wanting to offend anyone, it said "Happy Holidays."

Totally sleep inducing, and I didn't feel even 1% better that they spent their time on me even if I spend thousands of dollars a year with them, year after year while they invent new fees to charge (an example: My Merchant Statement from my credit card company has 14 different fees they charge me each month including a "Data Breach Fee." That is, if someone hacks into their credit card records instead of THEM being responsible for their security lapses, each merchant pays a $5 fee! And it goes on and on like this. Keeping track of all this crap on their fee list hires more people whose job is to do diddly stuff.)

I wish my customers good things, acknowledge them, tell them when their packages will ship. Some call this personalized service.

I am sure I have customers who are Christian, Jewish, atheists, agnostic, non-denominational, and maybe even Muslim. Thanks for your business and "looking in" from time to time. You mean something to me as you help keep the engine of industry churning and allow me to buy groceries, pick up a few presents for others and so on.

On the slightly damper side I noticed the US Post Office has stamps for Kwanza. What a fraud! This isn't winter solstice, a religious festival or anything like that. It is a bogus attempt for attention after the Watts riots in California. Why is there a stamp for this? Why is there anything for this? Aren't Americans Americans? Do I tell people I am German American, or Irish American, or Plutonium American? Nope and neither do most others.

We have become, as a nation, so politically correct (PC) anymore that you can hurt somebody's feelings by looking cross-eyed at them. Who was originally responsible for this? Answer: Weak people  (wimps) because to start this height-challenged stuff, weight challenged stuff, it empowers their weak little knees and tiny little head. Are any of these people in thriving and ongoing businesses or do they work for city, state, and federal governments or teach in the university-college systems where they have the time (and get paid for it) to play act? Real stuff takes real work (even chess) not "make believe work" on someone else's dime and time.

Then again I have problems with days like Columbus Day, President's Day, Martin Luther King Day. Fine people all, but THEY never needed a holiday to prove it.

And by the way, we have this terrific Holiday Season coming up called Christmas and I hope you have a blast (Hannukah, etc.). If you are single, or lonely, join the club. I am looking forward to 2012, but then again, I am always looking forward to the NEW year. Do something with your family. Play some chess with somebody. Do Something.

Now to show you this is Bob, not a substitute, send those orders, cards and letters in. Be glad to hear from you unless you have a hang up about this PC thing.

Last comment for the day: Thank you for reading this blog, for putting up with me, and for doing business with me if you do (and I hope you do). Life is a Quid Pro Quo in reality and I hope I give you good products and time for your $$$. I feel better already.


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  1. Bob:

    If I don't see you before, Merry Christmas.