Thursday, December 8, 2011


Been busy as you may have figured.

1) SCORE #9 is due tomorrow but I am trying to send it out today.

2) Supplemental BONUS and Holiday Catalog goes out this evening and includes BONUSES (which I call BONI) if your order exceeds $60. FREE books. You probably don't own them either.

3) ABBAZI 1912 the King's Gambit Accepted tournament book, full of tactics, vim, vinegar and bizzaro comments by winner Rudy Spielmann is at the printer. As I mention in ads in SCORE 9 and the Catalog, only 100 will be printed (unless the demand is over the top, which, being a tournament book, is doubtful). It will be shipped in the USA for FREE. It is 89 annotated pages. The Muzio Gambit (and its decline) is kind of interesting. Spielmann won 1000 crowns and then he immediately moaned about the type of tournament and how the King's Gambit sucked more than a Hoover.

4) Have to prepare a game for tonight at the Gentlemens Chess Club. I already have it picked out and invite you to show at 6 PM at 1101 W. 4th St in Davenport, IA.

5) Sent out TUXEDO JUNCTION newsletter Sunday or Monday for the LAST MAN STANDING tournament this weekend at the GCC. $25 ($20 if you are a GCC member). One day, Saturday. Starts a 10 AM and is UNRATED for a change. The concept of Last Man Standing started with my knowledge of the Bruce Willis movie. Details for asking (

6) I am working on 2 books for another author at the moment and... I am looking for my manuscript for the Feb release of MODERN CHESS BRILLIANCIES HUSTLED. Sometimes there is just too much going on.

Also hope you make some purchases to keep this enterprise going. Been a tough year.

Gold Card renewals are ready for 2012. $50.



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