Thursday, December 22, 2011


As I've mentioned before, when I am "silent" on here I am usually working manically to finish a project and completely overlook that I haven't done a Blog. Intensity it is, right on Focus.

As I finished up SCORE today with many more pages than I intended (by including a 2 page order form for one), I was watching Simon Williams' DVD Play Like Tal. He was killing me! Funnier than ANY other chess DVD I've seen! It's interactive so you get to choose moves. So far on the first three I got the first one on the first try, and 2 and 3 on the second try. I wasn't concentrating enough (necessary).

But Simon offers hints on HOW Tal played. His stories of Tal are incredible and so was Tal's "lifestyle." Drinking while drinking and smoking while smoking. If he took showers he probably smoked in the shower! But, for a small guy, he had an incredibly powerful and intuitive brain and it was as fast as lightning. There was one story about Tal actually "thinking" for 45 minutes before making a move. Later people said they were amazed at his "depth" of concentration. What it actually was -- a story in his head about HOW to get a hippopotamus out of a swamp. When he finally made the decision to let the hippo "drown," the image went away, he came back to chess and the move to make was obvious!

I have a feeling I should have ordered more but the distributor IS very fast with me so don't worry about that. $29.95 (2 DVDs) for the G&L price and $27.95 for the Gold Card price. Add $2 for first class shipping. (BTW Williams DVDs on the Sicilian Dragon are full of juice and chess healthiness while Sam Collins' "Killer c3 Sicilian" has convinced me of an opening I need to know for those "sometimes 1.e4" games.

If you want additional info on these DVDs and books I can send you a free SAMPLE copy of the current issue of SCORE but you have to send me your email address.

With that, I am off to look at a gift and purchase for Rita? Remember her? She hurt her left foot and is off work for 3 weeks and loves the REST! I've heard of "rest," what is it? Well, she has a job where she gets a check every two weeks and I don't... so I have to interest my customers in something... and maybe that issue of SCORE will help. If you are a PAID subscriber you should have your issue by now, or within an hour or so... it's a biggie and there is a lot of traffic on the web today. Bandwidth boogey.

Send those letters, orders, cards, and baseball cards right here to:

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