Monday, December 12, 2011


First off, I want to thank out of towners Steve Lamansky and Earl Zismer, who drove quite a ways to come Saturday.

Then I would like to thank Ed Reedy, Roger Kromphardt, Joe Willett (and a new GCC member to boot!), Justin Gilbraith (who joins GCC on a monthly basis), and myself (Bob Long) for coming to play.

Entry fee was $25 unless you belonged to GCC which almost all did.

We were done somewhere between 3 and 4 p.m., starting at 10 a.m.!

Steve was nice and footed the bill for pizza from Harris and it hit the spot. Thanks Steve. As you know I have free water and pop at GCC (Gentlemens Chess Club).

There were three place prizes and a trophy.
1st: Bob Long (my friend Allan Savage thought it was "rude" to win my own tournament and I agreed with him but I wasn't even going to play!) When it looked like we were going to have an "odd" number I was asked by the top-rated guy there, Steve Lamansky, to play, so I joined in. Once the event got started, another came making it 7. Back to "odd" again.
So I got the trophy to my own event too... and I would like to make this an annual thing not because I love annual events but because of the "comment" below.
2nd: Steve Lamansky -- we had a nice tug of war didn't we Steve?
3rd: Earl Zismer (who donated his winnings back to GCC--thanks Earl, cool!)

Annual thing: The kudos were many when it was over: UNRATED (lowering the pressure cooker part), fun, no scoresheets, no rankings or ratings, AND, when you were done you just played whoever was available. If you had played them before, you switched colors. No histrionics, problems... everyone was having fun. I had brought down a ton of work to do in the event I wasn't playing (I try to avoid playing at my own events) and got NONE of it done, but I had fun... which for me is not a too often thing.

If you were "thinking" of coming you should have called. People tend to draw their own conclusions as to when something will be finished and I dare say they often are incorrect. The time control was 10 minutes, no delay. But I gave an option of 15 minutes if both players agreed and I will report all games but my first one were 15 minutes for each side.

While I was going for a "perfect" no losing streak (wins and draws) I would like to mention here that Earl upset that applecart by beating me at the end of the tournament. He said that was for beating him at the beginning. Thanks Earl for a lesson in "revenge."

The "impression" I got was one of "let's do this type of event again!" What I liked was no paperwork to the USCF and no sending then a rating fee either.

If more had been there we would have had a SINGLE round with each player. Those who had to leave early for work, or had something else on their menu could... that was one tremendous feature. If your results weren't going so well and you wanted to leave to take care of something else, it would hurt those who hadn't played you, so there was a tendency to "pick up" games as soon as possible with little to no waiting around.

But I am going to begin "ruining" things by advertising in Chess Life and getting who knows who because I have a mortgage, utilities, and taxes to pay on this building.

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