Friday, December 30, 2011


It's kind of extraordinary (I avoided using the word "amazing" since for 2011 it was voted at the top of the list of most overused, banal, and of irritating words. I am surprised "impacted" hasn't won that award for the last 5 years.--at one time it wasn't even a word!) that as one gets close to finishing up a topic that a half a dozen other thoughts and entries want to make their way in... and this morning, I am trying to help that along.

Purdy's Chess Chronicles is NOT a newspaper, it is a 50+ pages PDF which recounts many things which appeared in CJS Purdy's three magazines: Australasian Chess Review (often incorrectly called the Australian Chess Review), Check!, and Chess World.

It seemed necessary to do this because the early issues were in a big danger of disrepair (is there such a word?)... especially if they weren't bound. They were even scarce in their day and several times Purdy offered to buy back copies no longer wanted from subscribers.

While Purdy's Chess Chronicles is a preserver of chess, it also points out areas where Purdy was way ahead of his time in thoughts, actions, annotation, and inclusion. He really loved chess in Australia and New Zealand. He became an International Master in 1953 when he won the world's first Correspondence Chess Championship over some very tough rivals.

For $69.95 and an email address, you can relive the "days of yesteryear" which they talked about in "The Lone Ranger," only without Tonto. You can contact me, Bob Long, at for more information.

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