Monday, December 19, 2011


You've probably heard that "bad news comes in threes?" So does good news.

I screwed up by only allowing two weeks for the next issue of SCORE, it should always be three or four. Well, it's possible issue #10 will be out this Friday as I have 50% of it completed with thanks to Andrew Martin. If it is out this Friday, then there will be a longer spell between #10 and #11.

Secondly, Purdy's Chess Chronicles #4 is almost finished and a big chunk of #5 is done, which won't be sold by subscription. Psychological reasons for that for me.

Thirdly, I got my boxes in today for my experiment of the PizzaPak Kit for To The Point. If I get that whole package out in December that will be a miracle and means I gave up on everything else, which is not quite possible yet. So expect it in January. Plus I have to go through a couple hundred games for the CD. Want you to LIKE TTP, not get turned off by it.

But, to continue on, it looks as though Abbazia 1912 might be here this week.

Sales have plummeted to the basement and I wonder whether the USCF 20% off of everything sale has anything to do with it? Those kinds of sales usually mean BAD news is coming. This is what makes it difficult to sell a commodity. After someone else has appeared to fail they have a giant sale and it kills the rest of us who have been doing this for years while the new people are still in diapers and resting on their laurels of "knowing everything." Tain't true, takes more than going to college. In fact, I think going to college hinders good marketing because it puts you into the mold of someone who only teaches it, and who doesn't practice it.

Anyway, am taking a day off tomorrow to see my friend Steve Lamansky in mid-Iowa. He promises food and fun and some chess "thinking." Hope I am up to it! In the meantime, while I am out of town, please flood my email box with orders, requests, that kind of thing. You'll make my Mom happy (she can let up on the CARE packages) and me delirious. When I get delirious then that means I have a few extra bucks and maybe can find someone to go to a movie with! Lots of good ones this week and next.

In the meantime, don't "goose" people you don't know, it usually annoys them.


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