Tuesday, December 13, 2011


G&L CHESS is putting out a 6-pager today of newly acquired chess books and DVDs and with a mention of several which are coming.

A special sale will be on for 2-days only to see if some of the "dead" can be wakened (a very tough obstacle by the way).

New in Chess 98 and 100 will make their appearance too.

In the interests of book cover design I have depicted Broznik's new 1.d4 BEAT The GUERILLAS. It has a "jungly-looking" cover but NO gorillas. The "jungle" is probably just a garden or forest with a green-filter lens, so, that's kind of fakey.

The book, however, has some genuinely interesting "non-fake" chess openings under the glass. I'm sure the nose in the air pundit sniffers will have some interesting things to say about this. From my viewpoint it brings to the table things we have heard about or even had to play into (or out of).

There will always be opponents who want us to think originally while perhaps that is not as true of them (after all, they know in advance what they intend to do).

Here is a rundown on extremely varied contents:

How does one deal with Black’s aggravating weirdities after 1.d4. The books is strong on content, useful games and “complete” like I have never seen. Here’s what I mean:

Part 1: Various 1st moves, Englund and Zilbermints Gambits(etc.), Dutch Benoni, The Woozle, Polish Defense, Owen’s Defense, 1…Nc6, Keres’ Def., the English Defense.

Part 2: Queen’s Gambit variants: Marshall, Austrian, Baltic, Albin, Schara-Hennig, Delayed Stonewall.

Part 3: Indian Specialties: Snake Benoni, Vulture, Fajarowiz and Budapest Gambits, and the Black Knights Tango.

Broznik believes that White shouldn’t have to put up with this stuff even if it only shows once in a while. 224 pages. G&L price is $21.50, the Gold Card price is $18.95. SIX dollars off of the $24.95 retail.

Your copy, if you are on my email list, should arrive today. If you aren't on said list, contact me and I will make sure you get one.


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