Monday, December 26, 2011


It was less than a year ago that I was on the tail end of finishing up The Chess Reports publication which had over 2,000 pages in the 10 published volumes.

Last night and today I was reminiscing, by actually looking through them, at how much really good stuff there was in them INCLUDING the contributions from readers. It's a slow process because now and then I get stuck on a couple issues and start reading. I find typos, and a few mistakes, but, you have to trundle on as they carried an enormously short deadline--one week in the early days.

I made up a stack of CDs to hold all 128 issues and I have it for sale at a very special price. The $199 is a steal, over 60% off of the regular retail of $545.00.

But... in order to get you salivating at the type of contents you can find I am giving away FREE issue #22 which was about SLOWING DOWN THE "BLUNDER" BRIGADE. All you have to do is request it with your email address querying mine ( and I will send you one.

Those who have been buying Abbazia 1912 will find included with the first class shipment printed copies of two fantastic testimonial letters of those Chess Reports days. One is from USCF Expert Gary White and it's on staying current. The other is from another subscriber, Dale Suilmann and it describes the way he studies tactics (it's very good). These will be mailed free with any orders I receive requiring first class postage. He also says he is a "Purdy Man," meaning he gobbles up anything on CJS Purdy. And to that end, I want to inform everyone that issue #4 of the Purdy Chess Chronicles will be going out this week. A subscription is $69.95 for all 4 issues + the TWO Bonuses (Alekhine interview and a huge games index of the games reported in the various Purdy publications we have put together over the years).

Lots here to start out the new year.


PS: By the way, since the post office is not working today, the Abbazia 1912 books will not be mailed until tomorrow. Most everyone else works today but the postal union grabs some extras. They don't believe the government will allow the PO to fail, but they might be surprised at how it's all reconfigured... and they may end up having to get a job elsewhere. You grab too much you end up with nothing eventually. Time to work extra days like everyone else (I may as well toss bankers in there but you already get the idea). Yes, I know Sunday doesn't count as a Holiday but we have President's Day and a host of other stuff coming up. The other businesses are open... which reminds me, I better get to the grocery store.

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