Friday, December 16, 2011


Just got word it shipped from the printer. What I think it really means is they are confirming (!) they are shipping. This company prints well but their understanding of English and declaratory sentences both off the web and online, is definitely substandard in line with many other web sites.

Do ME a favor readers, register with this website and through Google. Don't be such a Big Baby and give me all that crap about "having to do something," "getting emails from everyone, etc." It isn't true. Google DOES want to own the world and they will try to do that through their Android devices, not the Blogosphere.

ADVANTAGE: People read this web site because they like the content. I know several IMs who read it all the time and LOTS of people who contact me or tell me over the phone they do, but it looks like I only have 19 people who give a damn. When this was Chess Museum there were around 60-70 and I know way more than that. Now people think they are boxing and "ducking and weaving." We are living in a commitment-phobic era. A friend who works in a law office told me that "divorces are always up around Christmas time." Cowards! Get out of buying a present for someone you used to love but now, "Waaaaah, my life is so miserable."

Google gives more credence to preferences IF I have lots of "registered" viewers. And who knows, if I get enough I can have somebody put some "I'll pay you enough to keep you from starving" ads on here (I didn't say you had to view them!) You can bet your rump it won't be a chess advertiser, esp. Batsford, Gambit or Everyman. I have tried all of them. The only one who would advertise with me was, McFarland! Good company. Robbie is one of the good guys, the rest couldn't make a decision if a gun was pointed at their heads. So they say "no," or "contact me later." We need a Universal Database to keep track of all the wimps and limps in the world so that we don't accidentally hire them!

Christmas is coming and Santa knows who the REAL bad boys and girls are. (Think Washington DC first, then go down the list.)


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  2. There. Now you have 20 followers, Bob. :)