Wednesday, November 2, 2011


It means I am swamped with things to do.

SCORE #8 for Friday is one.

The Petrosian book is at the printer.

The King's Indian Attack PDF is being formatted.

The Gentlemens Chess Club newsletter for this week was just produced.

Work on "To The Point" is also underway, and there will be some modifications. Working on a project of that depth and intensity shakes out certain aspects and brings together just the important stuff.

And of course, answer every day emails and get some orders out to the PO on Thursday.

Somehow, I found time to go to the gym for two days in a row. Try it.

May have another member for the GCC too as I was down at the shop for two hours today. When I see government employees get all the vacation days they get, sick/personal days, and a day off every time something "happens" it is pretty darn irritating to me. I worked for the Fed Gov. for 10 years and it was bad then and worse now. Judges that work four days a week, like senators too. These jerks have NO IDEA what the stress of real work is. And they even have staff to help them.

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