Thursday, November 10, 2011


I guess Rick Perry put his "foot" in it last night. Today I put my foot on the power cord and accidentally shut the power down... creating a certain amount of chaos here!

That gets solved and my print runs out of toner and the new cartridge won't go in.

That problem gets solved and I have to shrink the catalog by taking out some photos etc. and it looks like it is going to be a SLOWWWW delivery night.

Personally, whew! But it looks to be the best Thinkers' Press catalog I have ever put together and that would be quite a few.

On top of that, I am 40 YEARS IN THE BUSINESS OF SELLING CHESS BOOKS! YES, 1971 Thru 2011. Thank to those who have stayed with me.

PS: Theoretically, my DSL line will be churning out catalogs all night. I hope you get yours with no problems. I have "overflowed" it.... Not on purpose, just the way it worked out.

Have fun and DO NOT overlook the BONUSES.


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