Friday, November 25, 2011


I've sent a Chess Gazette and two catalogs out in the past two weeks.

No response to speak of. I am hoping everyone got this Black Friday thing out of their system. Did you save any money? I didn't go out to buy anything and my business online purchases were made last week. No personal purchases yesterday or today except some sandwiches.

I also have been told my New in Chess Yearbooks (98 and 100, plus a couple other New in Chess titles) will be in late next week or shortly after that.

As I write this, late Friday night, I am finishing up Abbazia 1912 The King's Gambit Accepted. I hope you like it. It is the second book from TPi on the King's Gambit but this isn't so much about the opening as the TACTICS that I hope buyers will take away from this.

Blunders vs Poor Tactics
I've noticed in club play it isn't the occasional "drop dead" blunders that cause club players to lose, or miss winning, but the fact that their eye isn't sharped keenly enough to see even short tactics.

In this 90 page book there are LOTS of tactics to be found; if I were to delay this project another month, there would have been even MORE alternatives to point out--pitfalls others would fall into, but not US! (Haha.)

Lastly, 8 of the 12 King's Gambit Accepted games played in Red Wing, MN last July made it into this book in annotated form at the back. There was some interesting play by the way. I wanted to speed up play and thus chose the Game in 60 venue to produce MORE tactics. I am not sure this happened; maybe it produced more conservativism.

The book is $30.00 postpaid. $15 to those who were at Red Wing. Completely annotated> Games that have never been found were left out (no kidding!).

Quit worrying about your rating unless you have a real reason to (ego doesn't count).

Happy Post Thanksgiving.

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