Thursday, November 3, 2011


is ready to ship.

It's a PDF download, and runs 24 very COMPACT, letter-sized pages.

The very FIRST Supplement from SCORE, the Openings Publication.

There are a number of features and benefits:
1. Shows you what White CAN do when you have no clue as Black.
2. You can learn an Excellent Black setup as fast as White cranks out routine moves!
3. You get to watch games where strong players, including grandmasters, HAMMER White into oblivion (somewhere beyond the Twi-Light Zone).
4. Learn how to properly use a book AGAINST your White opponent.
5. Feast your orbs on the Mark Flowers collection of games against ONE opponent, 1800 vs. 1700 (who is an advocate of the KIA) and see how preparation with an excellent book can overcome "preparation" from another book. Black conquers. Completely annotated and not existing anywhere else.

Learn how you to can submit games for analysis for other openings projects and get PAID!

Only $7.95. No shipping or taxes.

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  1. I want it! We need to chip in and keep Score afloat. THE publication for average CHESS Lovers!