Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Iowa FIDE Round Robin 2

This event, directed by Bill Broich and held at the play room of the Gentlemens Chess Club (no apostrophe), will go on January 7-8 (Saturday and Sunday).

The first round on Saturday begins at 9 a.m. (then 2 pm and 7 pm) and on Sunday 9 a.m. and 2 pm.

The IDEA is to provide Iowa with a pool of FIDE rated players (not necessarily FIDE Masters, but FIDE rated players). Hence a need for TWO more already RATED FIDE players, who may be from other states.

The Time Control is GAME in 90 with a 30 second increment.

The ENTRY FEE is $50. Initially the prize for first place will be a Plaque, which I can certainly see as having historical value in significant ways such as leading other states in doing this, having an important event in the Eastern side of the state (thus allowing easy access by FIDE rated players from Illinois), and all this intersecting with giving Bill even more experience to obtain his International Arbiter's position--which I think is terrific.

Bill is going after something he has looked forward to accomplishing for quite some time. This requires commitment and I hope some other equally committed chess players can bring their name and rating forward. He would also liked to have some non- FIDE rated players throw their hat in the ring too. I think the requirement is that you must possess at least a USCF rating of 1800 (and a current USCF membership).

Naturally he would welcome those who fit these requirements from surrounding states if you so choose. The weather in Iowa isn't always horrible in January and if anything this offers a great opportunity to cross swords with a number of fine fellows whose names I recognize.

The drawing of LOTS will be done by EMAIL. I suggest you email Bill right away at:

It might also be your first opportunity to see the Gentlemens Chess Club HQ.

Time flies so "talking" to Bill right away would ease his concerns and those of the ones who want to attend. There is a certain ratio of FIDE rated players which has to be in the mix, hence the NEED for already FIDE rated players.

Iowa is the state of such strong players in the past as John Rose, Dan Harger, Jon Frankle, and Walter Morris. At least those are the guys I remember and knew, so give 'er a shot.


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