Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Lies are always disturbing, from wherever they come, and there are no GOOD ones. None.

But, I am not running for Prez of anything. If I start a new business or organization I am already President.

In the meantime... there are two things I want to focus on right away, Today AND Tomorrow.

Bill is looking for two more FIDE rated players for a tournament he has put together. And he wouldn't mind having a couple extra players who want to GET a F.I.D.E. rating too (International Chess Federation).

You can contact Bill: broich01@yahoo.com

I'll have more info tomorrow about the details, when and where (hopefully at my place in Davenport). Bill is going after an International Arbiter's title I believe. He's from Iowa, place of a lot of good stuff and the "Field of Chess Dreams."

So if that is in your mental "basket" give Bill an email holler. I know these little FIDE bonfires are sprouting up throughout the country, so perhaps you readers can be like "Starter Sourdough," create some "energy" for the next batch. He's had people who are "interested" but when he follows up with them, no more response... so at least I know when this happens to me, it happens to other organizers too. The "secret" to changing this, I have found it, is to GET new people. And that tkes a lot of energy and $$$ but it does work.

This afternoon I sent out a slew of FREE Chess Gangs of New York and London monographs on Capablanca the Mouthpiece. Another name for lawyer. I've got at least that many going out tomorrow but some will include the Pillsbury book. Later this week I should be getting the new Petrosian title.

My clients (customers) tend to be patient souls. When I sent out the DVD catalog a month ago the response was, well, weak. So a couple weeks later I sent it out again, and it was weak again but I did get orders from different people. Since then my supplier is asking for his money! Not everyone is ready when I am, I know that. At the moment I have been working hard on a new Thinkers' Press catalog and there is lots to show people. I've also had to design TWO new book covers. They are essentially done and I am happy with them (I am my biggest critic). One book is near finished the other has to be started. But I am going to promote them several times, before they are finished, to see what the response is. I am expecting the response to be favorable for a variety of reasons, but you will be seeing the results quite soon, I promise you.

contact: bob@thinkerspressinc.com

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