Monday, November 28, 2011


NTD William Broich, from Des Moines, is looking for ONE FIDE titled player to come to the January event held at the Gentlemens Chess Club, 1101 W. 4th St., Davenport, Iowa 52801.

Bill's email address is:

The January event is: January 7-8 at the above address. If you are within traveling distance and would like to help Iowa get a CORE group of FIDE (International Chess Federation) rated players, we can go from there and you will be more than a little appreciated.

He told me the following have accepted:

Robert Keating FR
Luis Peralta
Jim Ellis FR
John Hartmann
George Eichhorn FR

Where FR = FIDE rated.
So he needs one more, and if you are passing through, just want to help out, whatever, contact Bill would you?

This one will take place in March, and hopefully the extra FIDE rateds from January can help with this. It too is at the Gentlemens Chess Club, same address as of this writing. The DATE: March 24-25, a weekend of course.

Once we get a pool of players it can be self-generating.

While I will be there it will be to sell books and equipment. I am not playing, not that I wouldn't like to, but business is first. He is advertising for 20 for March and hopes for 14. Take a tip from the Event Guy (I've had a few successes and a few failures), go for the 20 or even 24. It's $50 I think and a good cause (YOU!).

Bill wants to be an International Chess Arbiter if I have that right. Gets to fly to places like Pogoville, Antarctica, Moscow, and Dollyland. Seriously, give Bill a heads up. Talk is cheap, writing is cheap, so let's make it a real thing.


For the March event he is allowing any USCF paid member to play… isn't that you?

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