Saturday, November 5, 2011


Holidays are just around that elusive corner. I want my clients to have a head start on good stuff, with new writeups, more clarification, more pictures, and an attitude of my olden days.

Just recently I was looking at some of my older catalogs and a certain wistfulness was there! The cost of printing them and the distribution them is extremely high now and it was tough back then. So I have the job of breaking things into smaller catalogs and still making everything look sensational because now I have access to color inside.

One thing which would make a HUGE difference is if those who receive these PDF catalogs would actually PRINT THEM OUT! Then they could experience the way it was, only better.

I have noticed, believe me, time and again, that people who read straight from their monitor MISS a lot and invariably ask me time-wasting questions which are almost always covered in the PDF. You know what this tells me don't you? They miss things when it comes to studying improvement from the screen too. In a way that's just wasting time.

So do yourself a favor too, print them out. I practice my own prescriptive advice (one guy complained to me it would use up the ink on his printer! Why does he even have a printer?) Anytime I want information I bring it to the screen, and when I need to reference or work from it, I print it out... that's why my desk is piled so high with stuff I have to get on a ladder to look over it!

Keene and Levy's book: Opening Repertoire for the Attacking Player, alg. edition. I just saw on some website that even though this site does not have ANY copies of the hardbound edition, it is $50+! Isn't that insane?

1) I think that is for the original edition in Descr. Not. 
2) I am looking for the alg. edition which I foolishly sold, and it is available, I believe, only in softcover.
If someone has an extra copy they want to sell, please let me know. I have an idea which is quite interesting. In fact, I have been looking for a very good "journal" made of paper with hard covers to record all my chess ideas--many of which no one has seen yet. I want to call it the Chess Lab. It only "sounds easy" if you have built up a lot of tortured experience. When Andrew Martin was here and we were driving around I mentioned 3 ideas to help another publication succeed. Then he pitched in with an idea of his own to help my Gentlemens Chess Club succeed even more. I have been to see those people but they are NOT in at the moment! Other things are happening including working on a RATE sheet for instruction for one on one and group "therapy."

And while I was at it, I noticed that some blogger idiot said that Keene had written more books on chess than anyone else. I suspect this BI has absolutely NO knowledge of what gets published in chess. Keene probably made this remark on some book and someone picked it up. Schiller and Reinfeld wrote a heckuva lot of chess books. Does anyone have any idea how much work it would be to write even 50 books? If Isaac Asimov were alive, ask him, he wrote 400+ before he went horizontal and though he was a certain amount of goofy, he was very smart and prolific. And the late Walter Gibson wrote almost 200 books just of the Shadow alone plus books on magic and all kinds of other stuff!

Keene's early stuff was good and lots of things with Keene's name on it at a later time weren't written by him. He just took the money.

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