Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Well, we do it when we have faster access to good DSL speed. That's one reason, another is it takes all day to get it done and I want to send it before going to bed!

Veteran writer, author, and chess historian John S. Hilbert has graced several pages with his great review of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle CD and accompanying story. In return for that favor I have listed a batch of Hilbert chess books which we should be getting soon. I love mutual back scratching but it isn't always easy to find that in the chess business. Everyone is trying to hang on to their customers with a clenched fist. I don't think that works. People want content as well as FREE!

Page 4 is for chess futurists and what are some of the possibilities at Thinkers' Press.

Later pages give more details on new publications.

Lastly, a nice sample of the output of Mr. Mordecai Morgan is offered on the "Previously Owned" pages, or an excerpt from List #3 from the Hong Kong Collection.

If you don't have something from me by Wednesday morning, and you want CG 160, write and I will send you a copy. Will need your name and email address, or course.

G'nite Gadies and Lentlemen!


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