Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I seldom am stunned by the death of famous people.

But Steve, I will miss him, his crispness, his boldness and inventiveness, and his willingness to risk and promote. I remember owning and using an Apple II+ and writing a program in Basic on it which caught my banker ripping my company off!

Then I bought a Mac Plus about 1987. Then a LaserWriter. Then a Mac II, a 630 Centris, a G3, a G4 and G5, and a MacBook. They've all been extremely reliable.

Most of you have read books I created with Mac equipment. The reason I used them IS to get work DONE. I am using one right now.

I owe it to a visionary and a one of a kind. I've been in many Apple Stores, you know, the ones which were supposed to fail and now there are 357 of them!

MS's Steve Balmer told us the iPhone would fail, the Zune was going to kick ass, the iPad was a joke, and on and on. I saw lots of tributes come in this evening, but none from Ballmer nor Wozniak (we'll probably see his tomorrow).

Over the years I've met many publications deadlines because of the Mac. More are on the list. In fact, when he was referred to as a true genius, that was defined, as someone who has touched people all over the planet. That's heavy.

Once I took an evaluation which came back with the result: visionary philosopher. In Jobs' case he was a visionary DOER, and boy did he do!

Steve, I will really miss your innovation, your challenges to your competitors, your softness and your toughness. What a model to emulate.

You are in a better place, and my condolences go out to your colleagues, friends, and especially your family.

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  1. Bob, your comments were right on the mark. I have been an "Apple" computer user for over twenty years–and owned only one less computer than you said you had! The amazing thing for me was the feeling one had from purchasing an "apple" product, knowing that Steve Jobs was putting his reputation behind it. I, for one, got a feeling of knowing him personally, yet I never met the man. I will miss reading about him and what he was considering next on the "technology burner."

    Steve L.