Friday, October 7, 2011


A friend wants to know if I will ever take another vacation!?

She knows the answer: Not until I get some projects cleared away to pay the bills. She's 65 and she isn't retired either.

With BoA whining they have a right to make a profit, and now charging for debit cards, they didn't answer the key question: "Do we have a right to make a profit by doing so in an ethical way?" Yes, but you have lost the consumer's trust. The consumer and homeowner considers that you are liars and crooks, and, you were. Now you want to maintain your former bales of money attitude by trying another "trick." Why not GIVE US something before you ask for more? People are angry, they do not care if you go down the drain. Many have lost everything... what have you lost? You wanted out from under Uncle's thumb so you paid your loans off to get rid of the regulators. Big mistake by Uncle Sam. He should have set some conditions for several years after the TARP loans were paid back. Uncle has done some pretty dumb things too. So did you who bought an extra home you couldn't afford because someone once said "Real estate is always a good investment because there is no more!" I guess that was proven wrong.

I have nothing good to say about Wells Fargo either. A few years ago someone introduced me to a local Wells Fargo bank VP (Loans) in a bar/restaurant. I said, "I have a great tagline for you guys!" All he did was arch one eyebrow while waiting for me to finish: "The stagecoach that robs you!" Not pleased.

Business should be allowed to have a State of the Nation Address too. Especially good businesses, businesses which aren't greedy. Businesses which behave well. And I will say my piece:

Support good businesses and those with good business practices. You already know who some of the bad ones are. Withhold your spending, go somewhere else. Be like a Steve Jobs, live YOUR life not someone else's. When you buy from companies whose corporate heads prove over and over that all you are is an ATM to them, take your business elsewhere. If you like chess products, and probably you do because you are reading this, I hope you will consider my small company: G&L CHESS and Thinkers' Press. Providing chess services and goods for 40 years--starting in 1971.

At the very least, I have going on right now:

Chess TNT Oct. 21-22.
SCORE --issue #7 coming up.
To The Point, a new publication just advertised.
The Gentlemens Chess Club for those who enjoy their fun IN person.
"Petrosian the Punisher" for the Chess Gangs of New York and London.
And several other publications coming + The New Chess Gazette.

Once I get you to lean in my direction, maybe then I can take a vacation. As to the banks, "What are they afraid of? They didn't mind taking YOUR money, but they sure as heck are loathe to loan it back to you!" I would like to see the media quit giving them so much air play. As to China and its money manipulation! We did that one ourselves by setting up Big Boxes where most of the goods were imported from China and Mexico. They have our $$$ because we gave it to them by the boxcar load. It's time to take responsibility for our actions.

By the way, play in a tournament. Join a club, maybe mine. Become a director. Buy a book. DO SOMETHING! Don't grieve over Steve Jobs if you yourself are not a doer because that's exactly what he was... a doer. Now get away from your computer monitor for a while, and do something. Kiss your wife, hug your kids, call your parents. Do something.


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