Tuesday, October 18, 2011

USED LIST #2 out

Just distributed this List #2 this afternoon to those on the "Previously Owned" list.

Don't know for sure when List #3 will be available. There are still items to be had from List #1. If you like getting "older stuff" at often a less than new price, contact me.

I asked Franck Steenbekkers what he thought of issue #7 of SCORE. He wrote back: "It's excellent!!" He is from the Netherlands.

Hopefully in full PDF form in a day or two. $7.99.

The publication which I've touted, "To The Point" is getting a VERY decent reception! I might have finally hit the right nerve as this publication will tend to be an overall chess body massage! Still working on the packaging phase and the final details but people ARE sending their checks in!! I am rather excited about it myself and hope to put together an extensive brochure in the next week to CONVINCE others to sign up and part with their hard-earned. I see the possibility of a whole new breed of learners. So... as a friend recently said to me, "You are jacked!" Yes, I am.

Right now the unofficial votes for whether this event should be rated is about 50-50. Not exactly a mandate for either one. No comments at all from those who aren't attending.

That's all for today... many other projects in the works. Trying to figure out how to get a new chess catalog out. I have found that the Steve Jobs' approach seems to work best for me: Do what YOU (meaning me) think is best. If you put it out there for consensus nothing happens. Part of the reason is "personal." Everyone probably has an idea of what they like, but is it realistically feasible? Myself, I think it would be great to have a $150,000 boat (small yacht on a big lake) and a log cabin in the woods to get away from it all... but is it real or feasible? No way. No rich uncles. So then I can drop down to wanting a MacBook Pro. Feasible? Moreso, but probably not until 2012. So in the meantime, let's see if I can keep YOU happy with what is produced from TPi!


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