Monday, October 17, 2011


Am working on it. Probably won't be done until later tomorrow.

In the meantime, books still remain from the first list and only two people BUMPED into each other (wanted the same thing). It is uncanny how often it's the case that everyone seems to "skirt" around everyone else. I can't explain it.

I am annotating the last game. I really like how this is turning out. It will run about 30 or more letter-sized pages in the PDF. It's almost like a book on the KIA. And it contains TIPs, and a couple reprints from Andrew Martin and myself from the pages of The Chess Reports. In fact this will be called a Special Report on the King's Indian Attack from SCORE. It will be jam-packed. Last and certainly not least, I bought a small games collection which I annotated, of an 1800+ player who consistently met a 1700+ player (White side).

The commentary is ROBUST with ideas, clues, insights, and things to know about THIS opening and others. I have nicknamed his protagonist, A.P., for "auto-pilot" because he regurgitates, with small adjustments, the same kind of stuff you will often see when you are on the Black side facing White. I now understand this "system" a whole lot better myself.

Is there anything for White? You can count on it because even though White does lose some games it is mostly because of stereotypical play and an inability to think clearly or imaginatively on his own... something you will often see also from Colle players. But David Rudel is trying to straighten out THAT world.

Price? A small $7.99. Can be delivered almost like magic. Don't have the openings index done however, so it might be a couple days.

I am telling you straight up... there are tactics in everything and it helps the "randomness in your chess life because these SAME IDEAS are applicable to all openings when it comes to the middlegame and endgame. NOOOOO JOKING.

One other reason for getting it? The money will be used to pay for the authors of SCORE as I still do not yet have enough subscribers to make it work to the end (issues 10-16).

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