Sunday, October 2, 2011


When something is new, there is a tendency for a lot of questions to be asked. My new publication, monthly, To The Point, is no exception. One fellow ALREADY subscribed, no questions asked, just based on my past performance. Ya gotta love that.

However, I have been earnestly working on a more complete description of what this is all about, and in a couple days, should be providing 12 pages (or more?) of "content" just on what it includes and why you should GET it! Lots of things designed just for YOU!

Besides the monthly publication, printed both sides, there will also be:
1) A Pad for making notes (not an iPad, but a paper one);
2) A CD every other month with USEFUL content + 167 games;
3) A "POINT" SYSTEM (pun intended) for you to tally each month (and send to me)--and I will total at the end of the year and show your level of improvement. It's all an honor system and YES it does require you to actually do something, but YOU can set the time and pace for doing it!

I will set up the monthly reporting spreadsheet.

The end of year issue will have a complete index.

It's $195.00 and if after the first month you are unhappy, for any reason, I will cheerfully (d0 you really believe anyone means this? Well, if you know me, you know I do) refund your money, no questions asked, for the remaining 11 issues, pro-rated.

No one, to my knowledge has ever had a program like this which MEASURES your effectiveness by using my "Development Point System--DPS"--and it is fun enough you most likely will actually DO it!!!

The games on the CD (every two months) contain games from 21-30 moves. If you want to really make progress, you can get a CD for every month, twelve months, for an additional $69.95, making it over 2,000 games per year to study... all lightly annotated. In 60 months you will be awarded the 10,000 VIOLINS AWARD TROPHY (a pretty nice trophy by the way).

If you want both the newsletter and the extra CDs so that you are getting the program every month it is $249.95. If you want to charge it to your credit card every month, the fee for the $195 offering is $20/month, and for the combined offer, $24.95 per month. All mailed first class postage.

Even those who sometimes feel lethargic can handle this if you have a computer with ChessBase light  (or Full) installed. And the thing I like about this, as I pondered how to make it work, is that it is actually FUN. Imagine, getting annotated games, on a CD, all year long, all kinds of openings (including the ones you like), tactics, strategical gems, and increasing your skill level just by playing through them and letting your neurons rebuild themselves into a potent memory force!

More details will be in the 12-page brochure, FREE for the asking when it is available.


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  1. Sounds very interesting. I am close to finishing a complete revamp of my opening for white, and need to start a new study regimen.