Saturday, October 29, 2011


Petrosian the Punisher will probably go to the printer on Sunday. $15.95 for more pages (52 or more) and more games (70+). FREE to those who purchased at least $100 worth of "stuff" from G&L CHESS and/or Thinkers/ Press in Sept.-Oct. For Npv.-Dec. we go back to the $12.95 price and LARSEN THE HAMMER.

Abbazia 1912 the King's Gambit Tournament is 95% finished. I need to find the games from Red Wing to go through to see what will be added. $30.00 or $15 to those who were in Red Wing and paid to register. Should be less than 100 pages. About 80-90 games. Spielmann won it. Richard Reti,a youth, was also in it and did well. The "infamous: Muzio Gambit won more games than you might think.

King's Indian Attack from SCORE + additional annotated games played by A player Mark Flowers against a KIA devotee. Also articles by IM Andrew Martin. $7.95. About 25 PDF style pages.

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