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This morning I took IM Andrew Martin to Chicago's O'Hare airport, British Airways, to head back to London's Heathrow.
Before he left my house he bought a book..... What was it (He actually bought two, the first one was "The Joy of Chess" and he said it was as good I said it was!)?... It was a book I have championed many times... he has the first edition... but he wanted the cleaned up edition, the fat one, the one with the index, and the one he recommended to a player who came to the TNT event... it was a Purdy book:

My Search for Chess Perfection
He wanted the algebraic edition. He was going to read it on the way back to England. Several times I heard him say that every "student" player who isn't already strong should read this book, and he was going to recommend it to others such as one person who bought lessons from him after the TNT event.

On the way to Chicago we talked about getting more members for the Gentlemens Chess Club even though Earl Zismer, an attendee, joined this past weekend! The idea was a good one and I am going to try it. All the work will be done by me but should it come off, I will pass it on to you as a method for increasing club attendance anywhere. The difference, I will be asking these people to PAY to join. Maybe "Gentlemens" should have nationwide chapters so you can sell them our nice nice t-shirts. Those nice people, the Fortunes, bought one for the designer of the original logo, Bill Hannan! Thanks Barbie and Jon.

Books On The List
Whenever Andrew comes for a week's stay he likes to go through my library and pick out titles to read or to scan through (john reading, breakfast, etc.). This time was no different. Here's what he was looking at or reading besides the above Purdy book:
1. Chess Catechism by Larry Evans. (He really liked this one.)
2. Attacking with 1.e4 by John Emms. (He even recommended to a student!)
3. How to Beat 1.d4 by Jim Rizzitano. (Also something I was reading.)
4. How to Play Against 1 d4 by Richard Palliser. (He mentioned seeing some of his own stuff in that book!)
5. Neil McDonald's book on the French, "Play Against 1.e4," or something like that.

And while he was here, and for a change we weren't doing a DVD, he wrote on the Ruy Lopez for the next issue of SCORE... morning and afternoon and he said it was more detailed and informational than even previous writings for SCORE! If you haven't subscribed, it's $20 to the end of this month. 16 fat issues. We also discussed the issue to follow and it will probably be The Stonewall!

In the between times we would go out to eat, we saw a movie (Johnny English Remade), and discuss chess projects. One I would like you to think about is subscribing to the British Chess Magazine. I will tell you why and what you will get when I have the details worked out. You'll get something, if this goes through, NO ONE else is getting. That's what makes Thinkers' Press different from everyone else.

We had a great time and the plans for next year are colossal and I will tell you more later. The experiment wasn't a flop, but perhaps my way of presenting it was. Always room for error. Lots of "upsets." I thought he lectures before each round were amazing and I didn't even make enough to pay myself to write that! I used what I heard in round 3 on the Sicilian Najdorf 6.Bg5 to win a game in 22 moves--and I hadn't played this before nor studied for it (I didn't even think I would be playing.) Mark Flowers, rated 1801, beat two players rated over 1900! Mark Moomey won the under 1600 prize and he was on a thrill ride as he said he had never won anything before! Mark Flowers won the "Above 1600" prize for his great score.

On Sunday Jon Fortune offered a draw to Andrew and Andrew took it!!! (Mr. Martin was hurting.) In the Blitz event Earl Zismer, from Dubuque, won! Congrats guys. Andrew was the TD for that event.

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