Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I am not Steve Jobs, no one is. But I have had successes and failures too. Most of the time I tried harder than my colleagues and I am at it again, this time with the help of Dr. Tom Michlowski. You will find out more in due time, as for now, I need a rest. Thursday I take Andrew Martin to the O'Hare airport.

Eschewing the invention idea I had recently, and a chance to talk to a friend, and electronics engineer, on the way back from Chicago, I intend to get some rest until Friday. A prototype will be made for people who have a certain chess passion which might be described as "over the top." More later.

Finishing up Abbazia 1912 is next on the menu, a book on the state of the art of the King's Gambit in 1912. Then SCORE, due in 2 weeks I think, which is a detailed article on the Ruy Lopez and after that issue comes an article on the Stonewall!!! (I think.)

There should be some more work on the new web site and bookkeeping as well as a Holiday Catalog. If this sounds more than anyone can handle, you are probably right, but, give me a shot.

In the meantime, I urge you to get Jim Rizzitano's How to Beat 1.d4. I intend to restock the book. It is loaded with goodies and the To The Point High Noon Pak will have more including a color photo of Jim drawing Mikhail Tal!!! I forgot to mention that this has a completely satisfied, money back guarantee too, just $9.95.

And last but not least, work will begin on Purdy issue #4. I know the fans are looking forward to that. And, I love working on it.

A rubber derci for now:

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