Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I think it was IM Jeremy Silman who once proclaimed that "New in Chess Magazine" was the best chess magazine of all time, or words to that effect.

I have to admit, it IS very good.

At this time I am reviewing complete years for part of a USED book list I want to put out this week. It is hard to get through the piles of magazines because it is too easy to get caught up in reading things whether written by Jan Timman, Hans Ree, the subscribers, or Dirk  Jan ten Geuzendam or just put together by Rene Olthof. If you get tired of reading about Kasparov there are other articles and there are opinion pieces decrying Garry's abysmal behavior at times. If you like to read stuff by people with some sort of axe (Peter Acs from Hungary?) to grind, this is the place. Each issue these days runs about $13 each, and there are 8 per year, so right off the bat there is more than $100 worth at full retail whether at the current price or the older prices--the stuff IS that good (in general).

One person has told me he is interested in investing in the Andy Soltis update project (Confessions of a Chess Grandmaster). He is willing to go forward if a couple others chime in for a piece of the profits. I know asking something like this on a Blog is iffy because many are reluctant to write anything at all, but over the years I have learned to live with that. I recall when my column ended for "Chess4Less" I did get a lot of mail from those who read it, of which I was completely unaware.

I read a website every day called MacNN and it isn't uncommon for me to voice several opinions and facts over each weekly period. Several times per week!!! Every day!

Just heard from one of next week's participants and he couldn't believe that there were only 10 people registered for next week. He's coming anyway even though he's got eye surgery coming up and can't play! He was willing to bet $10K he could get 100 people to show up from schools, cities, etc. from around the Midwest area at $100 a pop and couldn't understand what the problem is (I would have to give him a year--wonder if he would put his professional practice on hold while gathering the wool and the sheep!?) I told him, a well-known psychiatrist (Scott Peck, who died a few years ago) said in his experience, the number one SIN on this earth could be summed up in 6 letters: apathy (don't care, one way or the other).

Well, my friend didn't agree with that. Maybe he was thinking of the Occupy Wall Street protestors who aren't very apathetic. Good chess requires getting out of one's comfort zone, doing the work because it won't do it for you, and a thirst for doing more and being more. As some people age, it's all they can do to take a leak and so they choose to pee on the floor. (Believe it or not, not that I will give the details of the episode, but I even have a "pee" story.)

My biggest concern right now is having enough people to at least make the pairings reasonable (I'd like to have at least 16 for a 4-rounder); and
To not have an odd number. If we do, I'll have to play and I've always liked avoiding being the "house man" at my own events. People might think I have "something up my sleeve."

If all the people came who told me originally they would, I'd have 20 or more. My friend opined that maybe people don't want to play other than "their" openings. Isn't that sad? Everyone there, pretty much, will be in exactly the same situation! And if I have to play, so will I as I play none of those openings. As I mentioned once before, what some want is to play THEIR openings, which means they wouldn't have to study much, just play along (there are hundreds of tournaments throughout the nation on weekends just for that). Why, as a society, are we so averse to learning something new? I love learning new stuff maybe because I've always had to.

Just for the HECK of it, I am going to do something I have never done before just to see what the reaction might be. Maybe I will be totally off course. Here it is--choose one:

a) If you sign up for CHESS TNT for Oct 21-22 next week, by tomorrow night (wed midnight), it will only cost you $50.00; or,
b) If you come to Chess TNT and pay the full $125, I will give you a Subscription to TO THE POINT, deluxe $250 edition, for another $125! A twofer.

Has to be by tomorrow night. You don't have to appear at the Chess TNT, but it would be nice if you told me you weren't coming (I don't need a reason I already have plenty of those).

Just looking for a way Andrew and I can make a few bucks from this event and not go into a bigger Black Hole.

Contact: bob@thinkerspressinc.com

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