Friday, October 28, 2011


If you buy a copy of Fritz13 from G&L CHESS (a subsidiary of Thinkers' Press, inc.), send me your opinions on the new Fritzie. If you try out their new feature, "Let's Check" let me know what you think of that too.

As you know from past offerings I seldom offered much to say about analysis or playing programs because I think it really depends on the person using them. I do not play chess with them and only use them for analysis when I do use them.

The retail is $64.95. The G&L price is $59.95 + $2 for shipping in the USA. If you hold a Gold Card for 2011 the price is $54.95 + $2 for USA shipping. Both will go to you via First Class MAIL.

One feature you might like, very much, is that you get 6 months of Premium membership at which entitles you to watch/listen to special ChessBase programs. Another feature is "ten hours" of video training with grandmasters such as Daniel King (and others).


PS: Those who have Fritz13 backordered will be shipped to today, this Friday. Thank you for your purchase gentlemen and your support of endeavors from Thinkers' Press.

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