Saturday, October 1, 2011


On Iowa Public Radio they have occasional commercials. I must too; it helps pay the bills.

Just received are the following:

The Gruenfeld Defence Volumes One and Two by Boris Avrukh. SALE price $51.50. Gold Card price $45.50. Retail is almost $60.

Tactimania by Glenn Flear. Husband and wife team present tactical exercises from THEIR own games. Flear is a British GM. SALE price $23.95. Gold Card price $21.25. Save as much as $6.70.

The Grandmasters Battle Manual by Vassilios Kotronias. Greek GM, considered a completist at opening theory. SALE price $30.25. Gold Card price $26.75. Save as much as $8.20.

Experts on the Anti-Sicilian edited by Jacob Aagaard and John Shaw. The Sicilian from White's point of view. The original, ABOUT the Sicilian did pretty well, I expect this one to do even better. SALE price $25.75. Gold Card price $22.75. Save as much as $7.20.

Karpov's Strategic Wins 1-2 by Tibor Karolyi. A massive 1,000+ pages of strategic wins from 1961-2010. SALE price $51.50. Gold Card price $45.50. Save as much as $14.40. I expect I will have to reorder this one.

ZUKE 'EM The Colle-Zukertort Revolutionized expanded to include the Zukertort-Phoenix Attack by David Rudel. Through a mistake by the printer, I have more of these than I originally ordered. I have offered these to some re-sellers but they are so slow in responding that they will be gone by the time they get around to it! This is the August 2011 version which involves clean up, a few revised explanations, corrected diagrams, etc. Retails for $25.99, 315 pages. $17.95 to anyone who wants one plus pays the S&H prices for USA. More copies of the Koltanowski-Phoenix Attack should be here next week (the printer shipped the wrong books).
I don't need make this stuff up, I just report it as it happens. Sometimes resellers are too defensive because we don't believe anyone out there could fully grasp just how screwed up many companies are and we are afraid of taking the heat for THEM! But most customers aren't like that. I do have one who is unbelievably antsy though--when I told him I ran out of book X, the one that was stolen from him by someone in the PO, he reminded me that "others have it on their web site!" What the heck does that mean?

Capablanca the Mouthpiece, perhaps next week. Part of the "Chess Gangs of New York and London" series. $12.95 for those who are ineligible for FREE copies.

I am still inputting tons of data for my website. It is 50% complete. Expect to have the rest done in a week, then we will have other parameters to tweak. In the meantime this Blog will have to serve as the commercial selling part.
Please do me a favor, order early. That way if I do run out of something I can get the reorder in right away. Otherwise I usually wait several weeks on reorders--everyone has to get paid.

the Ruy Lopez move by move by Neil McDonald. This was a complete sell out. SALE price $23.95. Gold Card price $21.25. Save as much as $6.70.

Dangerous Weapoons: The Caro-Kann by John Emms, Richard Palliser, and Jovanka Houska. If you've wanted to spice out your CK, this is the book to catch opponents off guard. SALE price $23.95. Gold Card price $21.25. Save as much as $6.70.

Chess Lessons by Vladimir Popov. Lessons from a well-known coach. SALE price $25.75. Gold Card price $22.75. Save as much as $7.20.

Shipping and handling is EASY. $5.00 for the first two books (except for the Karpov set, that is $6.00), $1.50 each additional item. USA only.

If you've done business with me in the past 40 years you know the kinds of payment I take: PayPal, checks, money orders, credit cards (Visa, MC, Discover). In person, I can take cash.


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