Saturday, October 8, 2011


GM Andy Soltis' book through Thinkers' Press did well. It was huge and priced at $26.95 at the time, which the cheapskates didn't like, so it wasn't an instant sell out.

Andrew had sent me a followup addition, a healthy supplement to do a second edition. But it is easy for a publisher to get skittery when one is selling a $26.95 book while others of lesser fare were going for $20 for fewer pages, insight, etc. Printing a goodly number so that everyone could get one was part of the mix too.

Still, while it takes times for those books to sell through, a lot of dough in printing costs is sitting on the shelves. Royalties have to be paid. It takes No Talent to spend money and Thinkers' Press did it, often to the detriment of other projects. "Personal sacrifice" is what kept us alive. Loans from banks, new projects kept us going. Still, I am not a big fan of banks.

I would like to do #2 but TPi would need a backer. Takers? Andy would have to update the update!

In the meantime, I can't even find a copy of the first edition by TPi. Nowhere. I suspect it got sold under the mistaken impression I had a few more copies lying around somewhere. There is a quote IN that book by Soltis about how he had to keep beating John Fedorowicz when John was younger because one day the tide might turn (it did). Anyone with a copy of that book? If you would be so kind, could you send me the exact paragraph quote from the book? I am working on some additional testimonials for "To The Point" and would like to use that one.

It's too bad that I can't find that book but it was my view to make the customer happy even if that meant a temporary inconvenience to me, or more likely, what might become a permanent inconvenience. Rats.

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