Monday, October 31, 2011


Years ago I accepted the notion that every cloud has a silver-lining. The problem for many of us is to find the silver lining. Sometimes it is easy, other times it takes more time than hoped for.

The Red Wing event in Minnesota July 30 and the Chess TNT event Oct. 21-23 are cases in point. The Gentlemens Chess Club keeps growing, picking up Earl Zismer from Dubuque, and Tony Britton (today) from Davenport. That's 9 members so far. I've extended the sign up to Nov. 15th for $50, then it goes to $100. There will be reasons for you to join, trust me, even if you are from out of town.

I did hear what a few wrote about the first two mentioned events, but understanding what they said can be difficult. Why? Because sometimes people have a feeling but the way they express it doesn't express it well--that is, it is too easy to shoot holes IN the message without touching the messenger! We see this in real life all the time. Pardon me if any ladies are reading this, but it's like when your wife or girlfriend says something to you and it doesn't make sense based on something ELSE she has told you. Once I was told, "You just don't have all the facts!" I replied, naturally, "Well why haven't you told me ALL the facts?" Well, chess guys do it too.

Red Wing and TNT were experiments. Those who came to either or both showed various degrees of success and enjoyment, but in the end, I would say most had a pretty good time (almost everyone personally told me they had a good time at the TNT). The ones who didn't come, for whatever reason, missed out on understanding a lot of things about themselves as chessplayers and probably as human beings too.

Finishing up on the King's Gambit Tournament for Abbazia 1912 I am finally starting to go through the scoresheets of those who played. My eyes popped open! Myself having to play in two rounds at the TNT event they popped open again! This is all valuable, consulting information. Most TDs don't have it because they won't wade through the paper--just get the results to the USCF for rating purposes. Most players do not even put their games into a database when they are finished (some don't know how, that is also a problem). I know why that is so in some instances. IM Martin backed me up on many assertions either in training he offered or things he observed.

Some of these points will be touched upon when Abbazia 1912 is published, for both events. Most of them will be held back by me to make any future events more successful (but it will need cooperation by attendees for proof). Amazingly, some of these points are purely "psychological." Yes, this can be read from the evidence or "on site" inspection.

Now I am more interested than ever to produce To The Point, The High Noon of Chess. The train has come in, who is getting off of it and why? Do those who get off the train succeed (in the movie they didn't)?

Shortly I will be producing a small Pizza Pak size offer for $9.95 for those who think they might be interested in the bigger promotion. I am still gathering materials, so an announcement will be made here. In the meantime I better get working on a Holiday catalog.

PS: By the way, the Petrosian the Punisher book has gone to the printer. 75 games, 55 pages. Billed as one of the hardest persons in the world to beat at chess in his day; he only lived for 55 years! There is one quote I really liked and it came from Spassky about Petrosian, in effect: Take your eyes off the ball at your own peril because then Petrosian starts playing like Tal! In this book you will see many examples of Petrosian playing like Tal. Also, I added the 22 games Petrosian and Botvinnik played against each other in 1963 (with a few notes). Thanks to Bob Woodworth for helping me fill in some holes. Price is $15.95 unless you are getting it FREE as part of the Sep.-Oct. promotion (if you have spent $100 or more for those two months by the end of today, you are entitled to get a FREE copy).

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