Saturday, October 22, 2011


Ten people showed not counting the TD and houseman.
There were some knock down and drag out battles.
The pre round lectures were great and everyone said they learned a lot.

One of the most fun things was when the game was over the players would retire to the back room and Andrew Martin would go over their game with them, often punctuating their openings with, "What if...?" and showing many possibilities and things missed.

Dale Suilmann said the different openings were an eye opener in what they represented and how they were explained--and the true value of knowing main lines. Gorgeous examples including an English 1.c4 e5 where Korchnoi jumped out at the gate, as Black, and overwhelmed Greg Serper by seeing even deeper in a seriously complicated battle.

Mr. Mark Flowers will take home the prize for the above 1600 group at 3-1 and Mr. Mark Moomey will take the under 1600 prize for his 2-2 score.

The simultaneous starts tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. with 8 or so players finding out what a clock simul is all about.

The Saturday evening meal, which is a tradition, was held at Mo Brady's, a very nice steakhouse though yours truly and Mark Flowers had meat loaf (it was great). Also in attendance was Andrew Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Jon Fortune (great hosts), Dale Suilmann, Ed Reedy and Ron Deike.

I had already decided there would be no more Chess TNTs due to a lot of factors, not the least being those who said they were coming and did not show.

In the meantime Tom Gaul was there and Jon Fortune showed presenting the Gentlemens Chess Club with a nice framed portrait of Bobby Fischer done by Bill Hannan from 2000 I believe. Also a couple nice Portland t-shirts, and a Portland commemorative vinyl board for GCC presented by Barb and Jon Fortune.

John Hartmann played the first 2 rounds and was 2-0 when he had to leave for his grandmothers' 80th birthday party celebration.

Others in attendance: Roger Stanfield, Earl Zismer, and Ed Reedy. All looking dapper. And several GCC t-shirts were handed out.

Now I am hitting the sack. We had a great time and boy am I tired.
Those who didn't come really missed out on an eye-opening experience even they would have appreciated had they come.


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