Friday, September 16, 2011


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Does this mean I write on this Blog too often, or that no one reads it?

I recall once when several of us were on the altar singing on a Friday Night healing Mass that the congregation was just sitting there, doing nothing, hoping for a miracle for whatever their ailments were. This was before the Mass.

I stepped to the microphone and said, "We are not the paid entertainment, this is for everyone to do." On the next song, it was much more lively, and results were produced.

The parish priest had just come from the Confessional and as he walked past me he said, "I heard your announcement." He had a big grin on his face, which the congregation couldn't see.

It doesn't cost anyone a dime to write something here. You get the benefit of my years of experience, perhaps you could offer something in return besides a photo of yourself off to the side.

Seldom do I have anything to say on Facebook, so this is me... and I need you to, not be you... that is, say something so I know you are alive out there.

When I quit my Chessco blog a couple years ago because my gig ran out with Chess4Less, I got all kinds of calls for "Where are you?" This Blog is the same kind of stuff, and it is Friday night... my Birthday, and I am at home writing this instead of at Texas Roadhouse wiping out a big steak and then heading over to the now non-existent Borders Books.

Lets get alive folks. I have read many blogs on the net (not chess) and some are funny, some are thoughtful, but 50% or more are from people who can't spell, can't think, but have a forum to spout off whatever is on their (not "there") mind (?)

If chess were racist, anti-screwed up lifestyles, or political, there would be all kinds of commentary... so people need to rise out of their seats and say something that represents their feelings and not wait for the other guy/gal to lay a bomb.

Back to work, what I do best...



  1. What do I want from chess? Very simple: Self-improvement as a human being. :)

  2. "What do I want from chess?"

    That is a big question.

    My mind requires problems to solve to be happy. Not just little problems like find the mate in 2, but bigger problems, like what is the best way to improve one's chess skill? What is the best way to teach chess concepts? (I assume ways vary with the concepts)

    Chess is not the most important of pursuits, but I had been consumed with the challenges of raising my children. Now, that they are mostly not in need of parenting, I find a less serious pursuit fits what I need at this time.

    I am documenting my journey in a blog(

    I did not comment earlier, because I read your blog about as frequently as I update mine.