Saturday, September 10, 2011


Anytime something is planned it's always important to thank those who showed because they made the effort and took the time, and I did for the Bob's Birthday Bash which ended several hours ago.

Also, want to thank Earl Zismer who drove down from Dubuque and who finished in first place and Lt. Col. Kevin Hyde who took home the bacon for top finisher in the 1500 and under group. Kevin took the prize money and used it as a credit for the next such gig, which could be the October 21-22 CHESS TNT which will be located at the Gentlemens Chess Club.

Also want to thank Chris and Ed Palmer for bringing the cake and Breyer's ice cream for the celebration, and "conveniently" losing the reimbursing ticket! Chris is my daughter. When we ran the Chess Festivals in 1998 through 2004 she played "door host" and greeted all comers and got to know them "cold."

Want to thank Jim Morney and Jerry Moore  for coming to spectate and watching what goes on at one of these things. I am sure that Jim will be the eighth paid GCC member in no time as he couldn't get enough, and stayed for all the games (though he wasn't playing) and then there was some skittles afterward.

Before I forget, thanks to Kevin for giving me the heads up too on submitting info online to the USCF instead of by mail.

You guys are great!


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