Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Thursday evening, SCORE 6, in PDF, will be released to the 76 subscribers we now have, almost 4 times the original sign up.

This issue features GM and chess openings analyst Igor Stohl on both sides of the Gruenfeld: the Exchange and the Fianchetto. The prose and analysis IS a detailed 22 pages worth, in smaller type than usual, and profuse with diagrams to aid in your thinking, reading, and analyzing.

This ONE article, if you are interested in a dynamic defense, is worth the price of the whole subscription price (16 issues), $20, if you order before October 31.

A couple pages round out new books and DVDs, and then a page depicting all of David Rudel's books, published through Thinkers' Press, inc. including his new one, Koltanowski's Phoenix Attack--new stuff for the c3-future of the Colle.

Get up-to-date, subscribe to SCORE, the best bargain in chess writing on the planet. Less than 50 cents a week, over a period of a year.

And on page 128, THE AGENDA, outlines all the coming up features of doing business with G&L CHESS, my retail arm--such as getting back into the wooden, Staunton, chess set business. A PDF catalog is being launched. 10 years ago I remember getting in 9 aluminum footlockers of chess men--just the good stuff. And, we sold them all, later including sets to the Icelandic Chess Federation. G&L CHESS knows chess sets. Your catalog, when available, is FREE upon request.


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